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Ek kadam manavta ki aor

Satkarya is start with a motto 'Ek Kadam Manavata Ki Oar ' which is a social club with a mission to create a better future through empowerment of all. Founded in 2017 by donating a total of '123 blankets'.Satkarya continues to provide impact generating programs through its initiatives. Satkarya means 'welcome',it always welcomes who needs the help or who wants to help with their new ideas.

Since 2019

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To provide itmes at wholesale rates

e-Tribe is an online platform to sell electronic products at the best quality and at wholesale prices. Through this platform we are willing to connect all the small shops and create a network of electronic shops that will provide the following services to the customers, buying the devices, selling and recycling the products.

Our Upcoming Product

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Education to all....

Adharshila is a platform through which we are going to provide quality education and best study material at a very affordable price; so that not only the rich but also the poor may take benefit from it. Through this platform we will also join college students and school students on the basis of teacher-student relation. It means that we will provide internships to the college students so that they can provide their updated education to the school students. This platform will be beneficial to the students of any field or branch.

Our Upcoming Product

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