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Android App development

Web development

Graphic design

To help
transit young mind
startup to realistic ones...

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We are a team of trained professionals with a mission to help our customers get the best technical help in transiting their own imagination, ideas, buisnesses etc.

Science forum

The Science Forum guides and helps students form a staunch scientific outlook, exemplifying the need of the hour– to defeat curiosity and feed knowledge to the mind. We, at Science Forum, organise lectures and demonstrations by renowned scientists and professors to enlighten the students about ongoing scientific research and breakthroughs in the world of science.

Barbiecorn Pizza

The taste of the town "Barbiecorn Pizza" brings it's people the best quality pizza enriched with goodness and health. They are prepared with the fact that our customers meaning, you are very much valuable to us. We serve quality and authenticity with our pizzas and beverages and other eatables.


Yummy is a local restaurant aggregator and food delivery android application. It provides information about the restaurants in their local area and users review restaurants as well as food delivery systems.

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'' Loved their work and their dedication towards the customer. ''


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' They deliver perfection every time. You can be sure of that. ''